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RC HSP 03028 Servo Fail Safe Fit HSP Nitro 1:10 On-Road Car Buggy Truck

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Technical Details

Compatible Scale: 1:10
Compatible Fuel Type: Nitro & Glow Fuel
Brand: HSP

100% Brand New;
File Safe HSP anti-interference circuit !!
Awesome device electronic that will prevent you from destroying your model cars in the event of interference or disturbances of any kind;
Suitable for all frequencies and radio control brands such as Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, KO, Graupner, etc;
Its extremely small but effective circuit, will intervene if your model car goes mad from interference or from too-low RX batteries, all in one split second;
The assembly is very simple because the Fail-safe;
must be connected electrically between the accelerator servo and the receiver, the fail safe setting is very simple, just press the button with a small screwdriver exposed on the box, in the position of the servo that you want to get when the radio loses the signal, all this is done with transmitter turned on and with the lever accelerator brought everything to a halt;
To do a simple test of the correct fail-safe setup it will be enough to try to turn off the remote control and you will see that the accelerator servo will brake and lock the model imm;
ediately !!
THE FAIL SAFE will block your model in the event of interference or if the battery is flat. Automatically restores the throttle tube servo to its neutral position if the receiver loses the signal. This SAFE FILE can be used with all standard Futaba, Airtronics Z or Hitec plugs;

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